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OC Pharm is the place where art meets science. OC Pharm have honed their concentrate distillation process down to an almost miraculous level. Birthed in a laboratory environment, the premium concentrate OC Pharm produce is known as 'Clear'. This cannabis distillate is used as the basis for the entire product line at OC Pharm.

OC Pharm Product Line

OC Pharm products are of only the highest medical grade and quality, and this truly shows in the testing of their products. OC Pharm concentrates test within the range 85%-94% cannabinoid content. Some of the most popular products from OC Pharm are the OC Pharm Vapes. They come in many flavours including Fruity Pebbles Vape, Tropical Haze Vape, Sour Skittles Vape, Tangerine Dream Vape, Lemon Ice Vape, Coconut Vape, Watermelon Vape, Sour Apple Vape, Banana Creme Vape, and Grape Vape.

OC Pharm Products