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For an ethereal experience, choose Bloom Farms. Bloom Farms crafts cannabis vapor pens, prerolls, and extractions to perfection. At the core of Bloom Farms is the belief that marijuana is a holistic tool given by nature to enhance a lifestyle of wellness and fulfillment. With their standard of excellence at every turn, Bloom Farms takes apart the stigmas attached to marijuana. Their team of cannabis farmers, extraction artists, and everyone else in between make Bloom Farms' products around the mantra: relaxation, relief, creativity, and fun.

Bloom Farms works to increase the quality of life for medical marijuana patients. Their brand supports the cultural shift occurring in the cannabis, and are delighted to see so many achieve relief through marijuana. Since cannabis is a medicine, Bloom Farms recognizes safe and responsible practices as a paramount part of their organization.

Bloom Farms Product Details

Reach new levels with Bloom Farms Highlighter, a stylish and discreet portable cannabis vapor oil pen. Bloom introduced their latest model in Rose Gold, sporting a newly designed battery and metal tip. Their line of vapor pens includes their Daytime, Nighttime, and Anytime sets to address your different moods throughout the day.. Bloom Farm’s line of vapor cartridge sets come with a battery, charger, and cartridge.

Their Highlighter Refill Cartridges are offered in Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid blends. Bloom has cartridges for the marijuana enthusiasts with refined palates as well. Their Single Source Refill Cartridges are made with strain specific oil, and available in extremely limited quantity, so grab them while you can. CBD is an option too! Patients in need of Cannabidiol can find relief with Bloom Farms CBD refill cartridges.