What is a blunt?


A blunt is a marijuana cigarette (or just a joint) which has purely weed in it. In the UK, for example, most people who smoke weed mix it with tobacco. This is because it's not readily available like it is the US, Netherlands etc.

Normally, to roll a blunt, you would need something like blunt wrappers. This is because they burn in an incredibly annoying way if not rolled properly. They will burn a lot faster than ordinary joints also. Furthermore, a blunt will make you feel much higher than your average joint. This is because the concentration of the THC is much higher in a blunt.

Why do people smoke blunts? People smoke blunts because they don't want the things inside tobacco to be inside their lungs. Although smoking a blunt is by no means the healthiest way to smoke, it is a much healthier way than smoking a joint.