What is a bong?


There are many different ways to consume the herb. But what is a bong, exactly?

Bongs are perhaps the most common way of consuming cannabis in some countries. It is a cleaner way to consume cannabis than smoking it with tobacco which is common in places like the UK. They are much less harsh than pipes owing to the water through which the smoke is filtered. Bongs are very handy and providing you don't buy a fluorescent green one which is 1.5 meters tall they are also discreet.

So how does a bong work?

A bong works in a very simple way, thankfully. You put your favorite herb inside the bowl, which is often removable. This is also where you combust the herb. You then put a flame to the herb while covering the hole (the carb) while breathing in from the top of the bong. You breathe in for a few moments and then either a) remove your finger which is covering the hole or b) pull out the bowl (provided that it's removable). Once you've done this you take a sharp intake of breath and then you will feel a large amount of smoke hit you immediately. This can often be too much for first-time bong users so don't feel ashamed if you start to cough. For a more detailed overview of the different parts of a bong see the infographic below