What are calyxes?


Cannabis growers often mention the cannabis ‘calyx’ when discussing the plants they cultivate. Calyxes are found as part of all flowering plants. But what are calyxes, and how are they relevant when it comes to cannabis consumption?

The calyx is what holds together all the most important parts of the flowering cannabis plant. This includes the trichomes (where THC, the most psychoactive constituent of cannabis, is found). The leaves of the plant are usually coated with a layer of trichomes as well, but the highest concentration is always found in the calyx.

When purchasing cannabis, it can often be beneficial to select a strain with a high calyx-leaf ratio. This will usually result in a more potent bud. Many dispensaries will trim the leaves, leaving behind the THC-dense calyxes. Lemon Skunk and Master Kush are two examples of strains which usually feature a naturally high calyx-to-leaf ratio, and are therefore often selected as potential strains for hybridization. Mentioning the calyxes to a grower when buying cannabis is a good way to show that you’ve done your research!