Cerebral High

What is a cerebral high?


Cannabis strains have different effects depending on the strain. So what is a cerebral high?

A cerebral high is a clear-headed, highly functioning creative high. This is normally (but not exclusively) brought about by smoking sativa strains. You can also experience a cerebral high if you smoke certain hybrids and even some indicas have cerebral effects. It is a perfect high for those who have some work to do but don't want it to be boring. Also if you have chores to do it can make them more exciting. Cerebral highs can also be the perfect accompaniment to playing an instrument, editing a video or doing some writing.

It's always best to discuss with your bud tender what kind of high you will experience. If they don't know, ask them what strains they have, then have a look at our strain database. Normally your bud tender will know and ask him for a cerebral high if you're looking to do any of the above things. Always plan your highs with what you have planned. I'd recommend getting a few strains so that you have one for every occasion.