Couch Lock

What is couch lock?


If you read our strain database, then you will often see the phrase couch-lock. But what does couch lock mean?

Couch lock is almost a warning out there for people whore trying a new strain. If it says in our strain database that the strain is likely to cause couch lock it means that you won't get any exercise or much done during the day. You can often still write, play games and watch videos but going to the gym after smoking a couch lock strain may be more effort than it's worth.

Couch lock is by no means a negative thing, if that's what you're looking for. Don't steer clear of couch lock strains for things such as relaxing on Sunday afternoons, chilling in the park with friends or having a day playing computer games. You won't regret taking a toke on a good strong indica which causes couch lock if you have time to kill at home. Just a piece of advice: don't smoke this kind of strain if you have chores to do, and especially don't smoke it before cleaning the house. You will find this task appears to be much more difficult to motivate yourself to do.