What is a grinder


Plastic or metal, make your choice. A grinder is an essential tool that any stoner uses throughout their lifetime. This is predominantly thanks to the often sticky and whole nature of cannabis. When you buy some flower from your budtender, you will notice that it would be impossible to stick it all in one joint. This is where your handy grinder comes in. Plastic ones are often better if they're very very sharp. If they're not sharp enough they'll be worse than a non-sharp metal grinder.

Get your favorite herb and stick it in your grinder. Turn 5-6 times clockwise and counter clock wise. After you've done this bash the two halves of your grinder together, 3-4 times onto a flat, flawless surface. Make sure there aren't any cracks in the surface. If there are, bits of your ground up weed will fall into them and you'll lose some. However, once you've ground your weed you can also put it back into your bag, for example. Storing ground weed is much less space consuming than if you leave it whole.