What is a hybrid?


There are over 2,000 different strains of cannabis. These are split into 3 distinct groups, indica, sativa and hybrid. So what is a Hybrid?

Hybrids are, as you probably suspected, in the middle of the sativa-indica spectrum. Let's say you want your body to be completely relaxed while your mind goes on an adventure of its own. If you smoke a sativa then you'll achieve the mind high but not the body. If you smoke an indica it's vice versa. If you smoke a hybrid, however, it's possible that you get the effects of both and indica and a sativa. This is obviously dependant on the hybrid you smoke. Some hybrids lean more towards their sativa parents and some lean more towards their indica parents.

The hybrid class of the cannabis plant is much newer than sativa and indica. Hybrids were only recently brought into the cannabis scene as breeders began to experiment with strain types. This is also true of a number of strains there are. Originally there weren't that many strains. Now there are around 2300 strains which can all be found on the Duber strain database. The reason hybrids have become so popular is that you can take the best of both worlds. For example, you can increase mental clarity without making yourself sedated.