What is a Sativa?


There are over 2,000 different strains of cannabis. These are split into 3 distinct groups, indica, sativa and hybrid. So what is a Sativa?

Cannabis forma sativa, or just Sativa, is a member of the cannabis plant family. The sativa plant is used for many different things, including making fibers, seed oil, food, and medicine. Sativa is the herb which hits mostly in the brain and is often connected to the 'high' feeling that most people are familiar with. Although indicas will also sometimes leave you feeling high, sativas are much more commonly associated with this feeling.

The difference in sativa vs. indica highs

The main difference between the two highs is where they hit you. Where sativas often hit the mind and leave your brain whirling, indicas will often leave your body feeling heavy and relaxed. Sativas are known for their powerful euphoric effects and when used correctly can often help to treat things like depression and anxiety. However, be warned, as a strong sativa to the novice may produce more anxiety, rather than taking it away. Sativas are mostly associated with the following: Providing you with a feeling of well-being, making you feel at ease, fighting depression, uplifting, energizing, stimulating and increasing creativity and focus.

The plants themselves are also slightly different, indicas are normally shorter and bushier than sativa plants. There is some debate as to whether or not indica plants and sativa plants are even the same species, what is certain is that both offer significant medical help when used properly.