What are terpenes?


Terpenes are produced by many different types of plants and animals and are often associated with a strong odor.

Terpenes are simply a naturally-produced compound. They contribute to the odor of a plant, and this is true for cannabis as well.

A cannabis plant will produce many different terpenes, all of which make up something called a 'terpene profile'. Terpene profiles differ from strain to strain, and even strains which are genetically similar may have significantly different terpene profiles.

When choosing your medication, you may have been told to pick 'whichever strain smells nice'. This is typically sound advice, as the smell of a particular species of cannabis is directly related to the terpenes present within the bud. Generally, if a person finds that they enjoy the smell of a certain strain, they will also find that the psychoactive effects produced by the strain are more satisfactory.