White Widow identification

White Widow

White Widow

A worldwide famous strain, known for its white crystal coated buds, White Widow has been a staple of every single Coffee Shop in the Netherlands for many years now. It was first created in the Netherlands by Green House Seeds and is popular from London to California. A powerful burst of euphoria and with an equally powerful mind buzz, this potent herb is very useful for creative thinking and conversation. This plant is the parent plant of many other legends, including the famous White Rhino, which was a particularly favorite for those growing up in England.

Strain Technical Information

  • Strain Type: hybrid
  • THC: 0-0%
  • CBD: X%


  • sweet
  • earthy
  • flowery
  • pungent
  • woody

Usage Effects

  • happy
  • relaxed
  • euphoric
  • uplifted
  • energetic
  • dry mouth
  • dry eyes
  • dizzy
  • paranoid
  • anxious

Treatment For Conditions

  • anxiety
  • ptsd
  • add/adhd
  • migraines
  • bipolar disorder