Blackout Brownie by Enjoyable Edibles

Blackout Brownie by Enjoyable Edibles

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Blackout Brownie by Enjoyable Edibles description

created by Enjoyable Edibles and is an exceedingly potent blend of cannabis and chocolate. If you love chocolate and you love ganja then you may have just found your soulmate. This treat contains 1000mg of premium medical grade cannabis, and is hella potent. Be warned now, this is not to be eaten in one sitting. It is recommended that you split this brownie into 20 different doses, which shuld contain around 25mg of cannabis each. This is enough for a 4-6 hour high, depending on your body weight and your marijuana tolerance. Furthermore, it is easy to see how this treat can turn into a nightmare as it isn't split into 20 different pieces, meaning that it is exceptionally easy to eat too much. Just take your time with this brownie, and don't underestimate it. Even seasoned professionals can have a bad trip (trust me).

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