Jetty Pure Dablicator

Jetty Pure Dablicator

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Jetty Pure Dablicator

This product is the Jetty Pure Dablicator. The Duber also sells re-fill cartridges, which can be found here.

Unlike the Jetty Dablicator Gold, the pure is less strong. It makes up for its' slightly less potent effects in a number of ways, however. The Pure offers a much more flavorful experience, with the botanical essence being retained in the oil. This means that although it's only around 60-70% THC (only..) it is worth it for the cannabis connoisseurs, who are more focused on flavor than on blowing their heads off.

About Jetty Extracts

What exactly is Jetty Extracts? It is a clean, simple and cutting-edge product designed to ensure solvent-free cannabis extracts. Their pens are 100% CO2 extracted, and their vape pens contain 100% pure, organic cannabis. The products on offer here are part of their 'Dablicator' range. The Jetty Dablicator is a direct-dabbing device, which is filled up with Jetty's organic, pure wax concentrate.

Everything Jetty makes is subjected to a rigorous testing process. This is a vital part of their process. This helps keep their product clean.

65% lab tested amber CO2 oil. Strain Specific jetty-pure-dablicator

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