Venice Cookie Company Classic Brownie (250 MG)

Venice Cookie Company Classic Brownie (250 MG)

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Venice Cookie Company Classic Brownie Description

Venice, CA gave birth to The Venice Cookie Company in 2006 when a group of family and friends experimented by adding cannabis to some olive oil. Today, they distribute a variety of infused products to the entirety of California. These brownies are designed to be consumed in different portions. You can always store your brownies in the fridge if you don't eat it all (IT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED TO NOT EAT THE ENTIRE BROWNIE!!!) This classic traditional brownie is guaranteed to do the trick containing 250 MG of THC.


As with all consumables, the effects are very different from other methods of cannabis consumption. Eating cannabis leads to much stronger, longer effects. It is therefore recommended that unless you know exactly what you're doing, you eat one-quarter of the brownie, see how you feel, wait 30 minutes, drink plenty of water and only then eat more of the brownie. I personally have experienced the effects of eating too much cannabis and it's not pleasant, trust me.

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