Cannatonic identification



Cannatonic is a uniquely created hybrid strain bred by Resit Seeds. It was designed specifically to have a low THC content and a high TH content. It is a cross between MK Ultra and G13 Haze ad it produces a short-lived and very mellow high which is very relaxing. It is a premier medical strain and Cannatonic is often used to treat pain, muscle spasms, anxiety, migraines among other symptoms and problems. It has a citrus, sweet flavor

Strain Technical Information

  • Strain Type: hybrid
  • THC: 6-14%
  • CBD: X%


  • sweet
  • earthy
  • woody
  • pine
  • citrus

Usage Effects

  • relaxed
  • happy
  • uplifted
  • focused
  • euphoric
  • dry eyes
  • dry mouth
  • dizzy
  • anxious
  • headache

Treatment For Conditions

  • anxiety
  • migraines
  • ptsd
  • add/adhd
  • gastrointestinal disorder