Larry OG identification

Larry OG

Larry OG

Larry OG is a cross between OG Kush and SVG OG. Larry OG produces potent body high and will both allow you to relxax and get things done. This is a killer combination. Larry OG produces happy effects and it has a piney aroma. It has dense, orange hair covered nugs and is great for relaxing and relieving stress.

Strain Technical Information

  • Strain Type: hybrid
  • THC: 0-0%
  • CBD: X%


  • sweet
  • earthy
  • pine
  • citrus
  • lemon

Usage Effects

  • relaxed
  • happy
  • uplifted
  • euphoric
  • sleepy
  • dry eyes
  • dry mouth
  • dizzy
  • headache
  • paranoid

Treatment For Conditions

  • anxiety
  • bipolar disorder
  • gastrointestinal disorder
  • arthritis
  • migraines