Flip pen/key fob Battery

Flip pen/key fob Battery

1 customers gave 5 out of 5 stars.

Flip pen vape

  • Amazing flip pen/key fob battery!
  • Discreet, for use anywhere. Just looks like a car key.
  • Great for travel (Light weight, fits in your pocket)
  • Keeps your cartridge hidden away and safe. Ensures 0 leakages.
  • Built-in charger, USB


  • Weight - 56g
  • Capacity - 350 mAh
  • Voltage - 3.7v
  • Thread - 510 thread
  • Cartridge resistance - over 1.2 ohm
  • Working temperature - 20c-60c

How to use

This incredibly handy gadget is very simple to use. Click the button 5 times to turn it off, take a few tokes from your favorite vape cartridge, then press 5 times again to turn off.

Customer Reviews

1 customers gave an average of 5 out of 5 stars.

5/5 stars

Cool concealed flip battery

Reviewed by Steve on: 05/14/2018 9:34 p.m.

Cool concealed flip battery.

I really like this battery. This is what I have used for over a year. I liked the king pen battery with case but this one has the charger built in.

The first time you lose your charger you will know why you have this battery.

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