Oasis Disposable Vape 1/4g

Oasis Disposable Vape 1/4g

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A healthy way to smoke your favorite herb. Without combustion there are no negative products of the smoke and therefore vaping is a much cleaner, nicer way to smoke. These cartridges contain no additives. You will marvel at the amazing taste of cannabis if you've never smoked a vape before. The high is much clearer and cleaner and it lasts longer also.


Vaping can leave you feeling much more stoned than smoking a joint. It also tastes a lot better, as there's no tobacco and there's no combustion of Plant material. It often takes slightly longer for the effects of a vape to kick in. Depending on which strains you chose they will leave you feeling either relaxed and contented (indica) or euphoric and energetic (sativia) so make your choice and order some today!


1/4g disposable oasis-disposable-vape

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