311 GrassRoots Uplifter-Disposables

311 GrassRoots Uplifter-Disposables

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After two years of extensive research and development, multi-platinum rock band and legendary cannabis connoisseurs 311 launched their highly anticipated disposable vape pen – the Grassroots Uplifter™, in early 2016.

The sleek, state-of-the-art original Uplifter™ pen – designed in-house by 311 – requires no recharging, no refilling and is easy, discreet and convenient to use. Just pull it out and hit it. No USB chargers or anything else needed.

The new Uplifter v2™ improves on the original Uplifter™ in every way, offering even better taste and a longer battery life.

This product is the Grassroots Uplifter V2, which can be used in conjunction with concentrates which can be bought here on the Duber. It offers an easy, subtle way to vape your favorite concentrate strain. If you would like to purchase the set which includes a charger, which was introduced in 2016 by popular request, then take a look here

The Vaping Experience

The vaping experience is thought to be vastly superior to that of smoking the cannabis flower, bonging, piping etc. Why do people vape, exactly? The main reason is that it doesn't have the negative health connotations which are associated to many other different methods of smoking cannabis. When you burn the plant material, it produces toxins, which are inhaled alongside the medicine.

Furthermore, the vaping experience is often stronger than other smoking and bonging. Vaping will often make people feel higher for longer and is much more discreet than lighting up a big blunt. Their handiness and portability make them perfect for subtle use.

No additives, all natural, never diluted 500mg 311-grassroots-uplifter-disposables

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