Honey Vape Cartridge

Honey Vape Cartridge

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HoneyVape has an ethos, which is to create high quality, clean and great tasting concentrate. This is their HoneyVape Vaporizer (Or just HoneyVape) and it does not disappoint. It has a clean tasting, flower-like breath in and the high is perfect. It comes in a few different flavors. Enjoy the incredibly potent, flavorful vaporizers today. Currently stocking:

About Honey Vape

This product provides patients with one of the highest grade medical cannabis oils in the state. It's Honey Vapes' mission to create a perfect blend of science and nature, in order to keep the oil as close to the regular plant as possible. This is brought about through Honey Vapes painstaking cleaning and terpene profiling process, which leaves nothing to chance. Their Oils and CBD syringes are made from the flower, and they retain the scent and medical benefits of the flower, without the sometimes unwanted side effects of other methods of taking cannabis.

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