JAMBO THC Truffle 150mg

JAMBO THC Truffle 150mg

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Our Hybrid cookie dough truffles are “The World’s Healthiest Edibles”! Winner at the High Times Cannabis Cup, the judges seemed to think that these high-quality ingredients were the best way to eat the sacred herb. With an easy smooth onset and long graceful climax, these edibles are often described as "The best marijuana experience I've ever had".

Cannabis Cup Winner, Resealable Packaging, Shelf Stable, 1+ year shelf life

Consistent Dosing, perfect for the advanced user or break into small bites for the novice Gluten free Solvent free Soy free Corn free Wheat free Paleo/primal No GMO No refined sugars No High Fructose Corn Syrup


Organic Cashews Organic Honey Organic Raisins Organic Cacao Organic Almonds MCT (fractionated coconut) oil Cannabis Sativa Himalayan Salt


First Time Use:

In a calm, low stress, relaxed setting consume 1/8 truffle. Effects should begin within 1 hour. Remember, you can always eat more after this hour. Make sure you continue to drink enough water.

Once you find your perfect dose, you can medicate any time you like. Just remember it can take 1hr for effects to kick in. Even longer with some people! DO NOT EAT MORE JUST BECAUSE IT HASN'T KICKED IN YET. Be patient.

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