PR Phantom By Caña Farms

PR Phantom By Caña Farms

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Phantom OG Strain Information

Phantom OG is an indica-dominant strain which begins with enhanced energy levels and finishes with a relaxing body high. It is bred from OG Kush, but its other parent strain isn't known. It is thought to come from one of the strains named after a planet. For example Earth OG. It has a lemony, minty aroma and will leave you feeling euphoric and giggily. It's a perfect strain for lazy Sundays or for day-dreaming. It can also be used to treat a number of different symptoms, namely sleep deprivation and treating pain. This particular edition of Phantom OG was created by Cana Farms.

Phantom OG Flavors

earthy pungent pine lemon spicy/herbal

Phantom OG Effects

happy relaxed uplifted euphoric dry mouth dry eyes paranoid dizzy headache dry mouth

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