Super Jack

Super Jack

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Jack Herer

Super Jack Strain Information

is a mix of Jack Herer and Super Silver Haze to create a super strong sativa. It has a spicy, buttery aroma and it is a very potent sativa which gives you energy and creativity. Perfect for calming any anxieties and for use during the day.


has a number of different flavors. These include sweet, earthy, pine and citrus. It has a fantastic flavor profile and is definitely worth grabbing your trusty vaporizer and having a few puffs on Super Jack.


Super Jack is a strong sativa, and as such has a strong cerebral high which is followed by a relaxing, yet energetic rush of energy. Use Super Jack if you have some pesky chores to do. At $50 for an eighth, it's a slightly upmarket strain, but it's definitely worth the buck. If you're looking for a new sativa strain to try give Super Jack a try today.

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