Future Berries by THC Designs

Future Berries by THC Designs

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Future Berries strain by THC Designs

Future Berries is a designer strain, created by THC Designs. It has an aroma which is a cross between earthiness and sweet berries. It also has a slightly spicy inhale. It's an indica-dominant hybrid, but it has a starting cerebral high, followed by a relaxing body high. Future Berries gives you a total body bliss which is perfect for those who want to treat a number of different conditions, including pain relief, depression relief, spasm relief, PTSD relief, sleep aid and creativity boosts.

THC Designs

THC designs aims to set a new standard for cultivation practices and techniques in the cannabis industry. They are attempting to create a fully self-sustainable operation using renewable resources which have the smallest possible carbon footprint. By partnering with various scientific experts, they are attempting to break new ground and create a whole host of new, designer strains. Future berries is one of their first and finest examples of this.

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