Jetty Gold Dablicator

Jetty Gold Dablicator

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Jetty Gold Dablicator

Jetty Extracts Gold Dablicator, is a distilled and solventless oil-based cannabis product. It's incredibly potent, and it's Jetty's flagship product. This is the dablicator itself, which comes with 80% THC wax, this is inside their utterly unique glass tank with a wooden tip. Once you've bought the dablicator you can also purchase cartridges from the duber, which can be found here.

About Jetty Extracts

What exactly is Jetty Extracts? It is a clean, simple and cutting-edge product designed to ensure solvent-free cannabis extracts. Their pens are 100% CO2 extracted, and their vape pens contain 100% pure, organic cannabis. The products on offer here are part of their 'Dablicator' range. The Jetty Dablicator is a direct-dabbing device, which is filled up with Jetty's organic, pure wax concentrate.

Everything Jetty makes is subjected to a rigorous testing process. This is a vital part of their process. This helps keep their product clean.

85% lab tested clear CO2 oil. Offered in Indica, Sativa,and Hybrid jetty-gold-dablicator

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