Jetty Gold Cartridges 700mg

Jetty Gold Cartridges 700mg

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Jetty Gold Cartridges

These are the 700mg Jetty Gold Cartridges, designed for use with any 510 threaded vape pen. The Duber currently sells 3 different types of this product:

This high-quality Cannabis Oil is perfect for discreet use, and for on-the-go use. The vaping experience is different from a normal smoking experience. The taste is probably the biggest difference, and also the harshness of the smoke. Although vaping isn't completely healthy, it's also much healthier and less harsh on the throat than other conventional smoking methods.

About Jetty

What exactly is Jetty Extracts? It is a clean, simple and cutting-edge product designed to ensure solvent-free cannabis extracts. Their pens are 100% CO2 extracted, and their vape pens contain 100% pure, organic cannabis. This means that the terpenes from the original cannabis plant material aren't completely removed from the process, and the inhale will leave you questioning why you ever used a different smoking method.

Everything Jetty makes is subjected to a rigorous testing process. This is a vital part of their process. This helps keep their product clean.

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