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A real picture of Samuel L Jackson amazed at the weed selection in Het Ballonnetje

One of our writers currently lives in Amsterdam and this is a series of coffeeshop reviews

Just outside the centre of Amsterdam there is my favourite coffeeshop in the whole of Amsterdam. It's often difficult for tourists to find such great places as they're known only to locals. However, after living in Amsterdam for a year now, I've discovered most of the best coffeeshops enjoyed by locals.

Het Ballonnetje is located just opposite the University van Amsterdam humanities department. It's incredibly easy to get to. Just take the 50, 51, 53 or 54 metro from Centraal Station to Weesperplein. Once there either get up Google Maps and type in Het Ballonnetje or simply look for Roetersstraat, which I believe are at the metro station.

Once you arrive you'll be greeted by an English speaking bud tender, who will answer any questions you may have. In Amsterdam many coffeeshops claim to be selling top-shelf strains, when in actual fact they are ditch weed advertised as amazing strains. Het Ballonnetje is different, however. They work with local breeders to guarantee fantastic quality and authenticity.

As for the strains themselves, it's hard to say. Sometimes they have the elusive Tangerine Dream (I've managed to buy it once) and sometimes they don't. Other times they have Kosher Kush and sometimes they have O.G Kush. It all depends on the season and what they can currently get their hands on. As cannabis is still a gray area (it's illegal for breeders to sell their products, but it's legal for coffeeshops to sell the illegally bought weed) in the Netherlands, there's no guarantee of quality from most coffeeshops.

The atmosphere is always very relaxed and you can always hire a cycle from Centraal Station and cycle for about 20 minutes to get to this charming coffeeshop. They have some great drinks, their coffee is great (but not fantastic) and they have a cosy smoking area. Overall, it's a great place for tourists to immerse themselves in a coffeeshop that is loved by locals.

Weed - 5/5 Atmosphere - 5/5 Prices - 5/5 Drinks - 5/5 Overall - 5/5

Het Ballonnetje is a solid 5/5 and is by far the most well-known coffeeshop for having a fantastic selection of delicious strains at great prices.


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