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Our top 10 Cannabis Strains in the Fall of 2017, sit back, relax and have a read


  1. Coming in at number 10 on our Top 10 Cannabis Strains for Fall 2017 is BUBBA KUSH. This heavy indica strain is renowned for its ability to calm and sedate even the liveliest of smokers. Descended from the legendary OG Kush, BUBBA KUSH is a classic indica. A great nighttime smoke, this strain has been used by sufferers of insomnia for years. Flavour highlights of BUBBA KUSH include a pungent and earthy sweetness, and the strain suits medical users looking for pain relief, stress relief, and a strain to help you sleep.


  1. At number 9 on Duber’s top 10 Cannabis Strains Fall 2017 list is GORILLA GLUE NO. 4, a hybrid strain descended from the sativa strains Chocolate Diesel and Chem’s Sister. This earthy, piney strain is perfect for relaxation; as the name suggests, this cannabis strain will keep you ‘glued’ to the couch. Medical users should seek out GORILLA GLUE NO. 4 when looking for a stress-relieving strain. This bud has the appearance of a truly dank strain; featuring large, chunky, resin-covered flowers.


  1. Number 8 on our Top 10 Cannabis Strains Fall 2017 is WHITE WIDOW. This legendary strain is known the world over for its energetic and euphoric high and is one of the best strains out there for stimulating conversation and increasing motivation. WHITE WIDOW is the perfect strain for reducing stress, and is also widely used as an anti-depressant strain. Cultivated in the Netherlands by the famous Greenhouse Seeds Co., this strain is a blend of South American sativa and South Indian indica.


  1. Coming in at number 7 on our Top 10 Cannabis Strains for Fall 2017 is another legendary strain; JACK HERER. This strain, named after a famous pro-cannabis activist has a rich lineage of both indica and sativa, and is a true hybrid. There are many different variations of JACK HERER, but all feature a clear, creative, energetic high, perfect for countering both stress and depression. Flavour notes include piney, woody, and earthy.


  1. The true indica strain GRANDDADDY PURPLE comes in at number 6 on our Top 10 strains of Fall 2017. Make sure you are prepared for some serious dry mouth with this strain, even still, the relaxing effects are worth it. Used extensively by insomnia sufferers, GRANDDADDY PURPLE is also recommended for pain relief. This strain features extremely distinctive sweet aromas of grape and berry.


  1. Number 5 on The Duber’s Top 10 Strains list is the mysterious OG KUSH. The lineage of OG KUSH is thought to feature Hindu Kush and Chemdawg, but as the original plants from the 90s were grown from bag seed, nobody can say for sure. What can be said for sure is that OG KUSH will get you on your feet and buzzing. Featuring a strong, uplifting body high, this strain is a real do-not-miss.


  1. The truly potent GREEN CRACK comes in at number 4 on our Top 10 Strains for Fall 2017. A real heavy-hitter, this strain is bound to get even the most experienced smokers buzzing. A Sativa strain descended from Skunk No. 1, GREEN CRACK is mostly used for its stress relieving and anti-depressant qualities. Ranging from 13% up to a strong 21% THC, this strain also features a unique, sweet citrus taste.


  1. Getting into the top 3, we have the beautiful GIRL SCOUT COOKIES strain. A hybrid strain formed of OG Kush and Durban Poison, GIRL SCOUT COOKIES gives a strong, heady high. Taking the espresso-like effects of Durban Poison and combining that with the uplifting effect of OG Kush, this strain is perfect for both stress- and pain-relief, and many medical users with chronic depression benefit from the euphoria-inducing high of this famous strain.


  1. Just one off the top spot on our Top 10 Cannabis Strains for Fall 2017 is the (in?)famous SOUR DIESEL. Descended from Chemdawg 91 and Super Skunk, SOUR DIESEL will dehydrate you like no other strain. A heavy session hitting this strain will require a serious dose of choccy milk and maybe even some hydrating eye drops. If you can take the dry mouth, the effects of SOUR DIESEL are truly unique. A real head-high, this strain is can feature up to 25% THC, making it a top choice for medical users.


  1. Finally, we come to the number 1 strain on our Top 10 Cannabis Strains for Fall 2017. Descended from the indica strain Blueberry and the sativa strain Haze, our number 1 strain for Fall 2017 is BLUE DREAM. With a THC content of up to 24% but without the knockout effects of a true indica, BLUE DREAM is the medical strain of choice for many people. Sufferers of depression, chronic pain, and nausea will find relief in the sugary trichomes and the thick and dense buds of BLUE DREAM. This strain features sweet tones of blueberry owing to its lineage and will induce creativity in even the most logical, straight-edge thinkers.


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