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Life is more fun with cannabis.

Having sex while high

Starting off with a fairly standard activity; having sex while high is well-known as a really top way to have a good time. It really is cracking fun. Make sure both of you (or more??) are high so you can indulge in each other’s high-ness together rather than just one of you awkwardly bumbling around. Why is high sex so good? Probably something to do with your senses being heightened, or blood flow being increased, or maybe its just all that bonus dopamine running through your brain. Whatever the reason is, high sex feels like regular sex, just way better. Marijuana is an aphrodisiac - a fact now officially proven by science. So what are you waiting for, if a scientist says its good for you then you’d be mad not to

Extreme sports while high

I just want to start this part by saying that you should never consume cannabis and perform dangerous, potentially life-threatening activities. Now that’s out of the way, let me tell you which extreme sports are the most fun to do while high.

Any kind of snow sports activity is a real blast when you’ve had a couple of hits on a bong filled with some potent sativa blend. Skiing, snowboarding, tobogganing; all good choices. When you’re flying down a mountain on nothing but a razor-sharp metal edge, you’ll see what all the fuss is about. Generally, if you’re not already somewhat of an expert in your chosen sport, you may experience some difficulties performance-wise. One extreme sport everyone can get into is jumping out of a plane at 50,000 feet and falling back to Earth with a stranger strapped to your back; also known as ‘sky-diving’. This is one activity you’ll wonder why anyone would not want to be high while performing. How often do you get to fall for an extended period of time?

Eating while high

Eating while high? Pretty boring, right? Yeah, food tastes nicer and smoking marijuana will increase your appetite, but how can we up the stakes?

Chillies. I’m not talking lame-ass bell peppers or even ‘slightly’ spicy jalapeños, i’m talking full-strength habaneros, ghost peppers, and Naga chillies. There is some evidence to suggest that just eating spicy peppers on their own will get you ‘high’. Well, prepare your taste-buds for a real rollercoaster ride, because eating chilli peppers when you’re a couple of joints down will bring a whole new meaning to the word ‘pain’. A good pain. A healthy pain. A pain that will really make you question you’re choices in life. Why am I here? Why did I smoke all that weed and then eat some really spicy chillies? These are just some of the questions that may run through your mind while your mouth feels like somebody force-fed you gasoline and then chucked a lit match straight down your throat. A truly eye-opening experience. Fun? To some sadomasochists, perhaps.

Fighting while high

Fighting another human being is generally not recommended. Humans are the most lethal animals on the planet and are known to be extremely deadly. If you really want to get your blood pumping while high though, nothing beats jumping into the ring with some behemoth twice your size. A more enjoyable way to experience fighting while high is with friends. Simply puff on a few spliffs, grab a couple of pairs of boxing gloves, and square up. Queensbury rules are a good code to stick to. Boxing is a gentleman’s sport, and the two fighters should never part as enemies. Boxing really gets the blood pumping, and you should find your heart will be racing after just a couple of rounds.

These are just a few ways to really have a good time while high, and fully utilize the mind-bending effects of the herb. If you come up with any new, exciting ways to have a jolly old time involving cannabis, feel free to share them with the community.


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