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Do marijuana users experience any increase in weight due to the drug?

Experienced cannabis consumers will know all about the munchie-inducing effects of marijuana. But is there any science behind it? Many medical users benefit from consuming marijuana for two reasons; not only do they get the munchies and have increased desire for food, but they are able to keep the food down due to the nausea-reducing effects of weed. For recreational users, weed can easily make you gain weight if you give in to the munchies frequently and consume sugary, high-fat foods. However, just smoking weed is not going to increase your weight. It is important to note that THC and CBD in some way cancel each other out when it comes to your appetite. THC will increase your appetite, but CBD will reduce it. If you’re trying to gain weight, look for strains high in THC relative to CBD. If you want to lose weight, try exercising.


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