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Can cannabis go bad?

What will happen to your weed if you leave it out for too long.

A big concern of many medical marijuana users is whether or not the cannabis they have purchased can go bad. When buying large quantities of weed, is it important to think about storage? And what will happen to your weed if you leave it out for too long?

Cannabis is a natural, organic substance. As with any organic product, cannabis will naturally start to degrade as soon as it is harvested. The same rules apply to cannabis as with any produce; degradation will be sped up by factors like moisture, temperature, and light. This is why it is important to thoroughly dry out cannabis when it is harvested. Unfortunately, it is in the interest of growers to keep some amount of moisture in their cannabis, due to the increased weight.

The heavier the bud is, the more money the grower will get. This means that there are growers who will knowingly sell their bud before it is fully dried-out. If marijuana is stored with too much moisture, it will eventually start to grow mould. You should not consume cannabis if it shows any evidence of mould. One of the main risks of consuming mouldy cannabis is lung infection, which, if left untreated, can be deadly.

So yes, marijuana can go bad.


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