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Take a look at our list of the top 5 most famous stoners in history.

Top 5 stoners


is one of the most renowned stoners of all time. Every true teenage pothead has, at some point, had the famous poster of the man himself, smile on his face and joint in his hand, on their bedroom wall. Marley and his band produced some of the most creative music of the modern age, and put their success down, in part, to their pre-recording ritual of smoking a joint and reciting a psalm. This gave them ‘good vibes’ for ‘good music’. Marley grew up smoking the native herb of his Jamaican homeland; most likely a kind of Jamaican landrace strain. Blue Mountain Fire was reportedly a favorite of Marley’s. This strain is strongly associated with creative vibes and is known to induce creativity in even the most boring, straight-edge stoner.


is a true weed legend. The 80-year-old country singer has been an advocate of marijuana legalization for many years and reportedly hasn’t ‘missed a day’ of smoking for longer than he can remember (is that a surprise?). Despite his heavy smoking, NELSON keeps touring as much as he can, and remains in good health despite his hectic lifestyle. He says that anxiety is one of the biggest health threats around, and smoking cannabis, for him at least, is one of the best ways to stay calm, relaxed and healthy.


committed suicide at 67 years of age. Apparently, this was 17 years too many for the inventor of gonzo journalism. The writer was probably more famed for his eccentric lifestyle than anything else and was an active user of almost every drug under the sun, including marijuana. THOMPSON is quoted as saying ‘I have always loved marijuana. It has been a source of joy and comfort for me for many years. And I still think of it as a basic staple of life, along with beer and ice and grapefruits - and millions of Americans agree with me.’ HUNTER’s widow, Anita, saved some of his personal stash for 15 years following his death, and has been working with cannabis growers to reproduce the same bud that the man himself used to consume. Look out for the ‘Gonzo’ strain in your local dispensary.


was a fascinating and highly intellectual astronomer and cannabis activist. Keep an eye out for the strain named after him, as it is fairly rare but well-known as a highly arousing strain, perfect for smoking with a lover. SAGAN himself advocated marijuana as a way to expand the mind, and to truly appreciate things which he himself could not appreciate whilst sober, such as art, and other social and political ideas. An excellent quote from Mr SAGAN on smoking cannabis is as follows; ‘I can remember one occasion, taking a shower with my wife while high, in which I had an idea on the origins and invalidities of racism in terms of Gaussian distribution curves. It was a point obvious in a way, but rarely talked about. I drew the curves in soap on the shower wall, and went to write the idea down. One idea led to another, and at the end of about an hour of extremely hard work I found I had written eleven short essays on a wide range of social, political, philosophical, and human biological topics.’


is the most decorated Olympian of all time. His complete domination of strong opposition in such a wide variety of events has been unheard of throughout the long and rich history of the Games. One of his training techniques is to place classic munchies food at one end of the pool. PHELPS then takes a large hit from his bong. Apparently, ‘the munchies will do the rest’. While this may or may not be true, the ways in which cannabis can help the body recover after exercise are not. Cannabis is an anti-inflammatory and can be used for pain relief after a long workout session. PHELPS is also famous for his Olympian-sized appetite. A reported 12,000 calories per day pass through his body, including pancakes, pizzas, pasta, fried-egg sandwiches, as well as a constant stream of energy drinks. How does he motivate himself to power through his outrageously-sized meals? Munchies-inducing cannabis strains, of course. The strain named after MICHAEL PHELPS (Michael Phelps OG) is perfect for relaxing after a long day’s training, and will certainly stimulate your appetite.


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