WiFi OG, Grown in Cali

WiFi OG, Grown in Cali

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White Fire OG, Wi-Fi OG, Bred in Cali

Wi-Fi OG

White Fire OG, AKA WiFi OG, is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain, which is 60:40. It has an exceptionally uplifiting and overwhelmingly cerebral high. It is the prodigal son of its two parent strains, with its parentage being The White, known for the sour, diesely aroma of Fire OG and the thick, resinous buds of the White. It's covered in white crystals, known as trichomes. This further accentuates the flame-like orange of the hairs which cover it. This strain is known to have a number of different medical effects, all of which are listed below. This particular strain is very potent, and shouldn't be used lightly. Smoke with caution, but for the seasoned stoner, this is definitely a staple. It's a high-quality, organically grown bud, and this particular WiFi OG is bred by one of the best growers in California.

White Fire OG Effects

  • Gives a sense of Euphoria
  • Makes you feel incredibly relaxed
  • Happiness is almost guaranteed
  • Perfect for uplifting you from a sour mood
  • Get creative or do some chores with ease

White Fire OG Flavors

  • This strain is particularly sweet
  • Pungent, diesel-like aroma

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