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Marijuana can help with many other things such as addiction.

Addiction is a terrible thing. If you've ever been addicted to something you know that horrible feeling of knowing that you don't want to do something but also feeling completely and utterly powerless to stop yourself. I've personally used cannabis to help me stop smoking tobacco a number of times. I personally recommend that if you're trying and failing to stop smoking then you should pick yourself up a vaporizer and try vaping whenever you feel compelled to smoke. You can also smoke blunts which work fine too, however because of harmful combustion of plant materials it's not as healthy as vaporizing.

Although it may seem hypocritical, or counter-intuitive, to smoke one drug to help stop another drug, it's all about perspective. Most people are sure by now that cannabis isn't as harmful as cocaine. Therefore it's not about trading one evil in for another, but trading a substance that's potentially lethal for one which is a beneficial plant.

A rehab facility in LA has been treating cocaine addiction using cannabis and has successfully treated around 50 people with cocaine addictions using cannabis. The use of cannabis to treat addiction is becoming more widespread and it is something which may finally be turning the tide in the war against addiction.

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