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Is cannabis the newest in a long line of acne treatments? Apparently, cannabis can work wonders for the skin.

Acne is a condition that terrorizes many young people and even some older people. It is a skin condition which affects the oil glands in your skin. For many people it is long lasting and may even last forever. There is good news for your acne sufferers out there though.

It has been a well-established fact now that cannabis and particularly CBD has healing powers. CBD can also help the skin and has been shown to have promising effects on psoriasis and eczema. A study in 2010 showed that endocannabinoids in your skin have an impact on how much oil is produced. Anandamide, when produced in too large quantities, produces too much oil and vice versa. When the study added CBD to the skin it reduced the amount of anandamide and oil production was lowered or completely halted. This is beneficial for adults suffering from acne because if the body produces too much sebum, the CBD in cannabis is effective in calming it down.

You can also use hemp seed oil, if you cannot get your hands on CBD. Thankfully we have a great supply of CBD products on our website.

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