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Medical Cannabis at School

High school athlete is pushing the use of medical Cannabis at school.

Secondary school understudy CJ Harris has been reacting great to cannabis treatment for his epilepsy. Be that as it may, school rules restrict taking his drug on grounds. The run has constrained extra level headed discussion over Georgia's restorative cannabis laws, which have as of now caused contention, and CJ is being utilized an illustration.

CJ can play games and go with his secondary school basketball team, yet his epilepsy could surface whenever. "I get up each morning and I ask, 'Kindly don't give nothing a chance to happen today. Kindly don't give nothing a chance to happen today,'" said CJ. After physician endorsed drugs neglected to control CJ's seizures, he started a cannabis treatment regimen in January.

Follow CJ Harris' battle against epilepsy with the use of Cannabis.


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