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Cannabis in YouTube

Listen to weekly Cannabis Live Streams at YouTube.

With regards to the tumultuous connection between cannabis content makers and the social media platforms they utilize, YouTube has famously stuck itself as the astonishing exemption. Albeit numerous stages name cannabis-related substance as an infringement of "group rules," the uncontrollably well known gushing site has rather adopted a significantly more dynamic strategy in reacting to the cannabis group. Rather than forbidding records, the YouTube people group has been known to remunerate prominent cannabis content makers with so much honors as membership plaques, notwithstanding prescribing cannabis-related recordings through slanting records.

One of those inclining records that has seen an inundation of cannabis content is the live stream. Through Google Hangouts, YouTube has introduced new stage for repeating cooperative cannabis discussions, and the group has taken to this new worldview in huge numbers. Check out the three of my most loved end of the week YouTube cannabis live streams to look at.


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