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GreenCamp growing guides

How do you get started growing weed? GreenCamp is there to help.

Growing Marijuana: Participating in the Cycle of Life

There are very few trades that are as rewarding as farming. It is beyond most of us to start up a farm and impossible for most to grow cannabis on an industrial scale. With that being said, we are still able to enjoy the experience on a small scale.

I regret learning how to grow and cultivate plants - Said no one EVER.

Most of the growers I have met enjoy the process intimately. Taking something from seed or clone and bringing it to budding maturity. And then harvesting and preparing the process over again. We are participating in the cycle of life. It is an escape from the plastic shrink-wrapped grocery store life we are usually forced to live.

Plus, who doesn't like to smoke their own herb?


The folks at GreenCamp have put together a resource directory listing many guides and tutorials on how to get started growing. We decided to walk down some of these ourselves and see what they are all about.

GreenCamp: Guide to Growing Weed

We are walking through GreenCamp Definitive Guide to Growing Weed Indoors and listing some of the chapters here as well as annotating a few of the things we have found over the years in this business and other agricultural endeavors.

Chapter 1 - Growing Fundamentals

We agree with their approach. Do NOT plant and pray. Study and study some more. Even if you think you have read enough books you will not know enough and nature will school you. Old farmers will tell you that you will spend your whole life learning the trade and never know all of it.

Start with a solid understanding of the basics.

Chapter 2 - Everything You Need to Start Cultivating

There is a strong engineering aspect to growing. You will not have to be a fluid mechanics physicists or an electrical engineer, but these things are going to be one of your greatest barriers of entry. It is much harder to select the growing system you want if you have not completed Chapter 1 - Fundamentals.

Chapter 3 - Choosing a Strain and Buying Seeds

We at The Duber have been trying to catalog all the strains we come across and order them in their popularity. But popularity means nothing. Experience many flowers of different types and learn what you need and want. Let us know what your favorites are.

GreenCamp resources can help you determine what seeds to buy and where to source them. Thankfully getting seeds is easier than it was 20 years ago.

Chapter 4 - Germination & Seedling

Ah yes. That joy of when the little green shoots pop up out of the soil. A little scary and a little exciting at the same time. The plant is very delicate at this point and is still mostly living off the nutrients supplied by the seed. You will soon find out if your soil and environment is favorable to your new plant.

Chapter 5 - Vegetative Stage

Here is where things start to take off. The plant is shooting roots downward and leaves and stems upward. You will begin feeding the plant from sources outside the soil. This is nutrient alchemy at this point. A little bit of science and a little magic.

Reading through the links and watching the videos from GreenCamp can help you get a base starting point for the nutrients and care during this period.

Chapter 6 - Flowering Stage

In the flowering stage, you will see the fruits of your previous few weeks of labor and research. It is growing fast now and starting to feed the swollen buds.

Chapter 7 - Harvesting, Drying, Curing

Harvesting and trimming are usually pretty monotonous jobs, but on the other hand somewhat exciting. It is sorta like waiting for your presents at Christmas even though you already know what you are going to get. Imagine if Santa brought a pound of dank bud and hung it from your fireplace. I'd put a cookie out for that.

Chapter 8 - Master Skills

The journey has just begun. As I mentioned in previous points, farmers spend their whole life learning to tend to their trade.

Chapter 9 - Expert Tips & YouTube Channels

Check out the extra resources from GreenCamp to continue your education and growth.


You might spend more time and money on your new hobby but it is highly worth it. You will not regret it.


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