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Kennedy's Secretly Growing Weed

How true is it that Kennedy's were growing their own weeds?

Among the huge swath of gossipy tidbits and prattle that encompass the late President John F. Kennedy's heritage, one of the more determined reports is that JFK was a successive client of cannabis.

While there's been episodic confirmation throughout the years that Kennedy lit up to either hang loose with going to female "companions" or remedially to battle his very much reported battles with perpetual back agony, there's never been anything concrete.

The whole Kennedy brood was known for investing their off energy relaxing in Cape Cod, however exactly what precisely was going ahead behind some of those notorious wall? As indicated by another journal from Kathy McKeon, who served for a long time as Jacqueline Kennedy's aide, the First Lady made an astonishing disclosure one day in the garden of their well known Hyannis Port summer home. Obviously, a mystery cannabis develop had grown inside the family plant among blossoms of the drastically less-fun assortment.

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