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can cannabis help with insomnia?

Can cannabis help with insomnia?

Using cannabis to help you sleep is not something everyone would think of. Many people associate marijuana with feeling buzzed and awake, and certainly would not consider using marijuana to help combat insomnia. There are, however, many different strains of cannabis than can put you in the mood to sleep, but they are not as widely available as the typical, high-THC strains grown to get you ‘high’. The distinction comes down to the chemical composition of the specific marijuana strain being consumed. The most popular strains widely available in the US are energetic sativa or hybrid strains, but in order to induce a sleepy state, the mindful consumer should seek out indica strains.

So what are the best strains for insomnia?

Many of the strains consumers are used to are not the most effective for helping to treat insomnia. Popular sativa strains like Sour Diesel and Super Silver Haze should be avoided when looking for a sedating bud. These strains are likely to make you feel uplifted and euphoric, and will keep you awake more than send you to sleep. In order to induce drowsiness, indica strains are the most effective. Typical strains to help combat insomnia include the famous Afghan Kush and 9 Pound Hammer. Both of these strains are indica strains, although some hybrid strains like Tahoe OG Kush have highly sedative effects.

Should I smoke cannabis to cure insomnia?

So you’ve bought your choice strain of sleep-inducing bud, but what is the best way to consume it? Smoking your weed is one of the quickest ways to get the cannabis into your system, but is it the most effective way? If you’re looking for a quick knock-out effect, smoking or vaporizing is the best way to go. This will let your muscles relax and clear your mind of anxiety and worries. This should mean you can fall asleep soon after hitting the hay, and not spend half the night tossing and turning.

An alternative way to help cure insomnia is to eat your cannabis rather than smoke it. Making edibles out of your favourite indica strain will help you fall asleep and stay asleep longer than just smoking or vaporizing the weed. Whilst the effect takes longer to come on, if you consume the edibles about an hour/hour and a half before you plan to sleep, the effect will last longer, and mean you won’t wake up as much during the night. It is important to remember to stay hydrated whenever you consume cannabis, so taking a tall glass of water to bed is always advisable.

Will cannabis help chronic sleep problems?

There is evidence to suggest that continued use of cannabis as a nightly tool to aid sleeping could cause difficulty when trying to sleep without using cannabis. Therefore it is recommended to use cannabis in order to set a good sleep cycle, and then use less and less until a normal routine is established. Some users may require larger doses than others, but it is best to try and keep the dose as low as possible in order to reduce dependancy.

What cannabis dose is right for my sleep problems?

When it comes to effective dosing with cannabis, everyone is different. A good rule of thumb is to find a strain of bud that smells nice, as this usually results in an enjoyable high. Once you find a preferable strain, the best way to work out what dose is right for you is through trial and error. Start with a small dose and work your way up. Make sure you stay hydrated, and make sure your diet is healthy.

Will cannabis concentrates cure my insomnia?

The recent rise of cannabis concentrates, BHO, and oils has led more research into their effects on sleep, but there is still much more to learn before accurate medical advice can be given. Cannabis concentrates are known to be very effective at making the consumer feel ‘high’ very quickly; even more so than smoking/vaporizing. If using concentrates, users report falling asleep much quicker, but the effect tends to wear off faster than with other methods of consumption. This can lead to waking up in the night, and can cause sleep to be not as deep with edibles, for example.

What are the best edibles for insomnia?

Edibles are known to last for a full 8 hours, meaning they can be perfect for ensuring a full nights’ sleep. Edibles can come many different forms, from tea to cookies. Personal preference is always the most important factor here, so trying out as many different options as possible is the best advice. Cannabis edibles will take varying amounts of time to take effect, with some taking up to 2 hours or more. This allows for greater flexibility when it comes to dosing, and so having a stock with multiple types of edibles is ideal. There is some research to say that consuming dairy products before sleeping causes a decrease in sleep quality, so non-dairy edibles should be selected if possible.

Can edibles help prevent menopause-induced insomnia?

Many women experience insomnia during menopause, due to the decreased production of oestrogen and progesterone. Other hormonal shifts can also cause problems with regards to sleep during this period as well. There is evidence to suggest that oestrogen is closely related to the endocannabinoid system. Therefore, using cannabis to regulate the hormonal system can improve sleeping patterns with patients suffering from insomnia caused by the onset of menopause.


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