Bloom Vape Solventless Lab Tested 1g indica

Bloom Vape Solventless Lab Tested 1g indica

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Bloom Vape

Come in a wide variety of different flavors. They are strong (Bloom Vapes often tests at over 70% THC) they are reliable and they are pure. This is a great choice for anyone who wants to take their favorite medicine, without worrying about the potential side effects of other smoking methods. Bloom Vapes is transforming the way you experience cannabis-infused products. Not only do they provide the highest-grade product on the market, but they also deliver the professional and exemplary service you would expect from an enterprising organization. The terpenes in The Bloom Vape are carefully infused in order to recreate not only the experience but also the taste of each and every strain. Check out our full list below, including Skywalker. OG

Bloom Vape Cartridges


Sky Walker

Skywalker is an indica-dominated hybrid, which has blueberry flavors and high yields

King Louis XIII

King Louis OG is great for insomnia and is a fairly potent indica strain.

Girl Scout Cookies

You've probably heard of this strain, and if you haven't tried it yet.. you're in for a treat. It gets its name from its sweet aroma, and GSC is known for its euphoric effects.

Blue Dream

Blue Dream is incredibly aptly named. If you want a daydream of pure bliss, then have a go with these cartridges. They will send you lazily floating down a stream of pure euphoria.

Jack Herer

Jack Herer is an incredibly popular Sativa strain, which comes from Amsterdam. It is a potent sativa, with some hints of indica effects, making it a perfectly rounded high

Green Crack

Green Crack is a powerful Sativa strain, it gets its name from the sharp energy buzz which you get when smoking it. This will be even more powerful in concentrate form.

How to pick your cartridge

In order to pick your cartridge, you must first ask yourself the most important question: why do I want to smoke? If yu're looking for something to help take the edge off a long day, then you want either an indica or an indica-heavy hybrid. This will help with mind & body unwinding, and there is probably none better than Varavo Vapes' Blue Dream Cartridge.

If you're looking to tackle a more serious health condition, then you should research whether an indica, sativa or hybrid is better for your specific condition. If you're looking for a non-psychoactive medicine then you should look for something that is very heavy on CBD and not very heavy on THC (for example Sour Tsunami).

The Vaping Experience

The vaping experience is thought to be vastly superior to that of smoking the cannabis flower, bonging, piping etc. Why do people vape, exactly? The main reason is that it doesn't have the negative health connotations which are associated to many other different methods of smoking cannabis. When you burn the plant material, it produces toxins, which are inhaled alongside the medicine.

Furthermore, the vaping experience is often stronger than other smoking and bonging. Vaping will often make people feel higher for longer and is much more discreet than lighting up a big blunt. Their handiness and portability make them perfect for subtle use.


Store at room temperature away from excessive heat and sunlight. Do not leave in your car. Keep upright when storing for extended periods of time.

Bloom vapes solventless, lab tested

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