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Spliffin Vape Cartridges

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Spliffin Vape

This Los Angeles based company produces solvent-free concentrates, vaporizers and is helping to revolutionize the way in which consumers take their favorite medicine. This inspired company has created a whole host of well-designed, easy to use and simple products, which ensure potency, safety, and purity.

Spliffin Vape Pen Pure are exceptionally high-quality cannabis concentrate cartridges which can be fit with any 510 Thread battery, this makes them perfect for everyday, subtle usage. If you've experienced other cartridges, but haven't experienced Spliffin Vapes yet, then you're in for a good experience. These 70 % + THC concentrates pack both taste and potency. This combination is what makes these vapes so popular.

The taste and aroma of these products are mainly built by the naturally occurring terpenes which are extracted from the original flower, then added back to the product. This natural terpene flavor is probably the most important part of Spliffin Vapes Pure product.

Quality cartridges

Something that really lacks in some vape companies is the quality of both the product and the pen which the product is encased within. Luckily for you, this company isn't messing around. When it comes to quality, you'll be hard-pressed to find some that do it better and purer than this company. Furthermore, as mentioned before, these products have the naturally occurring terpenes of the flower they are advertised as being. Other products simply take an unnamed flower product, and simply add the terpenes of the more famous strains.

Spliffin Vape Pen Available Strains

These strains include a number of Spliffin's own strains, such as Spliffin OG, as well as some of the classics. All strains are available in either 0.5ml or 1ml cartridges, which is approximately 70 or 140 puffs.

Spliffin Vapes Cartridges


Spliffin Vapes Tangie

Spliffin Vape Tangie

  • Bred in Amsterdam originally
  • Sought-after for its citrus smell and taste
  • Cross between Cali Orange and Skunk
  • Provides a relaxing, euphoric but potent high

Spliffin Vapes Jack Herer

Spliffin Vape Jack Herer

  • Hails from Amsterdam
  • Potent Sativa
  • Retains all of the flavor from the original strain
  • Perfect for depression, and other things helped by sativas
  • Daytime strain

Spliffin Vapes Super Lemon Haze

Spliffin Vape Super Lemon Haze

  • Zesty and citrusy
  • Sweet flavors
  • Energetic, lively high
  • Unwinding, stress buster
  • Flavorful and overall a great cartridge


Spliffin Vapes Dante's Fire

Spliffin Vape Dante's Fire

  • Indica-dominant hybrid
  • Unrivalled potency
  • According to breeders in Amsterdam, this strain was a Soviet Experiment (probably not true but gives a good story)
  • Euphoric and sedative
  • Great for day and nighttime use
  • Stress-buster

Spliffin Vape Donna OG

Spliffin Vape Donna OG

  • Indica-dominant hybrid
  • Deep relaxation
  • Great for a relaxing, intimate evening
  • Doesn't overwhelm with a strong cerebral high
  • Great nighttime strain
  • Euphoric

Spliffin Vape Spliffin OG

Spliffin Vape Spliffin OG

  • Stress-crushing indica strain
  • Unparalleled relaxing properties
  • Sedative body high
  • Slight cerebral stimulation
  • Relaxed, Euphoric, sleepy, happy
  • Perfect nighttime strain

How to pick your cartridge

Spliffin Vapes currently does not offer any pure indicas, but the hybrid indicas it does offer are perfect for those who want the indica, body-high experience. However, in general, the rules for choosing a cartridge are as follows:

  • Sativas are for a cerebral high. Mainly this will affect your mind, and will give you bursts of energy, creative and physical. It's normally better to smoke these strains in the day, and they will help with more severe symptoms or conditions such as depression. A perfect example of this would be the Spliffin Vape Jack Herer.

  • Indicas are more for the body, and often induce what is known as couch lock. Indicas are much better for nighttime use, and will induce sleep and will help with relaxing & stress. Although the company doesn't offer any straight indicas, the hybrids are all indica-dominant.

  • Hybrids can lean either way. They will either by Sativa-dominant or Hybrid-dominant. Think of a hybrid like the middle of a see-saw, and depending on far you move to one side or the other, is how strong the strain is on either the sativa or hybrid side. Hybrids mean that you can have both the overwhelmingly heady effects of a sativa, mixed with the relaxing, euphoric body highs of an indica.

Spliffin Vape FAQ

Can I use my cartridges with any battery?

It is recommended that Spliffin cartridges only be used with Spliffin battery devices. We cannot guarantee the functionality or effectiveness of Spliffin products when used with third-party products. IMPORTANT – Please do not use automatic pull batteries with Spliffin PURE cartridges. As of Summer 2016, all PURE cartridges feature a dual coil atomizer that is not compatible with third-party auto-pull batteries.

Do these products have a shelf life?

Spliffin products do not contain preservatives. The taste, composition, and effectiveness of Spliffin products may diminish if not consumed with 90 days from date purchased.

Avoid subjecting concentrates to extreme temperatures or direct sunlight.

How do I take a hit?

Press and hold battery button while gently inhaling for 2 to 3 seconds through the mouthpiece. Release the button and exhale. Allow unit to rest for a moment between inhalations. Resting prevents overheating of the concentrate and also prolongs the working life of the atomizer (heating element).

Customer Reviews

3 customers gave an average of 4.3 out of 5 stars.

5/5 stars

Own strains

Reviewed by Ben on: 07/09/2017 5:32 p.m.

The amazing thing about this company is that they produce some of their own strains, purely to be used in their products. I personally love Spliffin O.G, as it completely overwhelms me with the need to sleep. This was perfect for back when I was suffering from bad insomnia, and really helped me through that difficult time. Now I just use it to relax, or to help with any more insomnia which I occassionally suffer from. Taste is great, effects are great, can't complain at all and, in fact, I would definitely recommend this product to my friends!

4/5 stars

Simply Spliffin!

Reviewed by Billy on: 02/28/2018 5:32 p.m.

You can tell where the name of this company came from, a British person taking a draw from this product would probably exclaim "simply spliffing old chap!" before falling into a strong, potent high. The word solventless is incredibly important to me, and I'm glad to know that these products don't have anything inside them except flower and oil. 70% THC potency is exceptionally high, and this, when mixed with the amazing flavors and purity, make for one hell of a good product! I'd highly recomend the Tangie flavor, as the taste is amazing but also the high is very nice and cerebral. You're actually spoilt for choice with spliffin, as they have many different strains, all of which work with my standard 510 thread battery, which I also bought from the Duber. Delivery was actually fairly swift, which was perfect for me, as i wanted my pen before I went on a road trip. Needless to say, this pen definitely improved the mountain views near Yosemite.

4/5 stars

Spliffin Vape Review

Reviewed by Hamish on: 09/16/2018 5:32 p.m.

Luckily for you guys I've tried all the strains, and this is what I thought of each one. In general these cartridges taste verynice, and have strong potent effects.Tangie (Sativa) Great tasting, really orangey, fantastic high. Definitely recommend for thos whole love the taste of their cartridges. Jack Herer (Sativa) Really strong, cerebral high. May be overwhelming for some newer stoners, but for the seasoned toker, you're definitely going to enjoy the taste and potency of this one.Super Lemon Haze (Sativa) Most of you probably know this strain, and the cartrdige tastes and feels almost exactly the same as the flower. This is the best thing about the Spliff Vape cartridges Spliffin OG (Indica) Lovely relaxed indica, great taste and great feeling. Highly recommend for sleep. Dante’s Fire (Indica) Not quite as relaxing as Spliffin OG, has some slightly cerebral effects. I'd recommd this one for the evening, not the night. Donna OG (Hybrtid) All around nicely balanced hybrid, perfect for use during the day and at night.

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