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Wine and Cannabis at Oregon Vineyards

Oregon Vineyards will offer wine with Cannabis soon.

Bill and Barbara Steele moved to this lethargic corner of Oregon to begin their own winery after fruitful, powerful business vocations.

Presently, over 10 years after the fact and with honor winning wine to appear for their diligent work, they are including another yield: marijuana.

Oregon's legitimization of recreational cannabis two years back made space for entrepreneurial cross-fertilization in this fruitful area adjoining California's supposed Emerald Triangle, a notable nirvana for open air weed development.

Recreational marijuana won't be lawful in California until one year from now, however a couple of miles north of the fringe in Oregon, a modest bunch of winemakers are trying different things with cannabis with expectations of expanding their allure among youthful buyers and in specialty markets.

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