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Women in Canadian Cannabis Industry

Canadian Cannabis industry calling for more women in their business.

In Canada, ladies are horribly underrepresented with regards to administration positions in traded on an publicly traded organizations. Truth be told, our exceedingly qualified females just fill 12% of board seats at 677 Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) organizations. The numbers are, tragically, even lower with regards to the Canadian cannabis industry.

At present, 5% of board seats at traded on an open market authorized makers are held by ladies, as indicated by information gotten by The Canadian Press. It's a reality that has not gone unnoticed by the ladies in our industry.

Lisa Campbell is a cannabis business visionary in the most genuine feeling of the word. She has worked with various dispensaries, began a cannabis PR firm, and even helped to establish the fiercely famous Green Market. Lisa is very acquainted with the difficulties that accompanied being a lady in a prospering industry; she is doing what she can to change the diversion.

Check out why Canada's Cannabis industry need more women.


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