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With the increasing popularity of pot delivery businesses, we wanted to find out if they were legal.

Is it legal?

Although state law doesn't explicitly say yes or no, the weed delivery services often are justified by the fact that many of the illnesses for which Medical Marijuana is considered a legitimate medicine are debilitating. Furthermore, ones' nearest dispensary may be very far away and some people may lack transportation and cannot grow it themselves. Particularly for those with debilitating illnesses it is obvious to see why these services can easily be justified. The fact that they can be justified doesn't necessarily mean they are legal, however. Some local jurisdictions have outlawed some delivery services. These include: Atascadero, Arroyo Grande, Riverside, Anaheim, Upland and Murietta.  Marijuna laws in the US are complicated. Every state and even every different jurisdiction normally has a different rule for different things. It is advisable, then, to check whether it's legal in your area before using one of these services. Some delivery services are fined up to 1,000 dollars a day if they continue delivering medical marijuana.

Will it change?

As with almost all aspects of medical marijuana law, the easy answer to this is.. yes. It is likely that the laws surrounding the use of medical marijuana delivery services will change and more and more laws will come into place giving more specific outlines for the use of marijuana delivery services. Sacramento officials this month are to begin considering guidelines for issuing medical-marijuana delivery permits to allow deliveries only from the city’s 30 existing licensed retail dispensaries. Yet the freelance cannabis couriers already streaming on city streets easily dwarf the ([number of dispensaries]. This is likely to mean that the number of delivery services will increase. It also is likely to mean that the laws will change. Only time will tell, however!


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