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Cannabis in Slowing Down Aging

Slow down aging with the use of Cannabis.

A current research by German specialists at the University of Bonn and Hebrew University presumed that "an endless low dosage of THC reestablishes intellectual capacity in old mice" and could keep human brains from "backing off" sometime down the road.

The specialists gave mice of fluctuating ages every day dosages of THC for one month in a row. While two-month-old mice lost intellectual aptitudes, the 12-18-month-old mice exhibited an "impressive execution help, notwithstanding putting them comparable to more youthful mice who'd went without."

To touch base at this conclusion, the scientists tried the subject's acknowledgment of "commonplace protests" and had the mice experience "a water labyrinth in known and new setups." The gathering of elderly mice showed no negative reactions from the THC while the more youthful mice lost intellectual abilities.

Everything considered, the more established mice that expended THC exhibited observable upgrades in test execution. The determination: a measurement of THC a day lifts the endocannabinoid system and, if practically identical in people, could bring about a superior quality of life for the elderly.

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