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Weed lube is the next big thing.

What is Cannabis Lube?

Most commercial cannabis lube products are a blend of essential oils and lab-tested cannabis oil. Coconut oil is often used, as well as argan oil. The resulting weed lube is then liberally applied to the female genitalia before intercourse. There are many ways in which cannabis lube gets to work to enhance sexual pleasure. Increased blood-flow to and around the vagina make the area more sensitive and promotes relaxation. Sexual intercourse is an intimate experience. Cannabis is used as a way to ease tension, and hence create a feeling of relaxation.

What does Cannabis Lube feel like?

Women who have used weed lube have reported feelings of relaxation and comfort, as well as all-natural sensual enhancement. Sex is more intense. Orgasms feel different; crazier and longer according to some women. Dosing is no worry, as the psychoactive effects are none-existent (unless the lube is consumed orally). The whole point of weed lube is to feel the aphrodisiac effects of marijuana without having to get ‘high’. It is important to note that because marijuana lube is oil-based, it will break down condoms made of latex. This means that condoms are more likely to break, so definitely do not mix the two.

Cannabis lube is simple to use. More often than not, the weed lube will be contained within a spray bottle, for easy application. One company has taken to blending their original marijuana lube into a suppository form. This helps to relax the whole pelvic area, with minimal effect on the brain. This enables the consumer to get high only in the areas where they want to. Cannabis lube can take up from 10-30 minutes to get to work, but you will definitely feel it once it has. The effect may be less intense if the consumer is already using cannabis in another form.

Can I make weed lube at home?

Cannabis lube can get expensive if being used a lot. One way to keep the costs down is making a batch or two of your own, homemade marijuana lube. There are many guides available online of making weed lube, and the only ingredients required are (depending on your recipe) cocoa butter, cannabis-infused oil, and sunflower oil. Cannabis-infused oil can be bought separately, or you can easily create your own from just raw bud. The process of making weed lube takes around 2 hours, and then a few hours to set in the refrigerator, but is well worth the wait.

Where can I buy Cannabis Lube?

Marijuana lube is available to buy from many different dispensaries throughout California and Colorado. You must have a medical marijuana card in order to buy cannabis lube.


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