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Do you find yourself feeling anxious or paranoid when using cannabis?

New, hybrid strains of cannabis are known to have exorbitantly high levels of THC. In fact, THC level has become a benchmark for growers looking to out-do the competition. Whilst it is true that a higher level of THC will make an individual feel more 'high', there are negative effects that have been reported. It is important to note that we still do not fully understand the extent to which cannabis affects the human brain. Until much more research has been done, cannabis-related advice is limited to the use of anecdotal evidence.

Users of high-THC cannabis have reported feelings of anxiety and paranoia with frequent consumption. Psychologically, this could be due to the dissociative effect strong cannabis induces. Users feel peculiar and unusual, and therefore become unsure of themselves. This could lead to feelings of anxiety and paranoia in long-term users.

But how can these feelings of anxiety be combated? Is there a way to stop being paranoid when you get high? One simple method is to use cannabis with lower THC levels. It is becoming increasingly clear that CBD is the chemical in cannabis that is of the most benefit to the human body. A high proportion of CBD to THC is something to look out for if you want to stop feeling anxious or paranoid. Another method is to take a few days or a week without using cannabis, and use the time to concentrate on how you feel without cannabis. This makes it easier to see how using the drug changes how you feel. Finally, using marijuana in a place that you feel comfortable, and with people you are familiar with in can help you feel more at ease.


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