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What are cannabis Tinctures

When somebody mentions the word tinctures, visions of an old Wild West medicine man are conjured up. Long gone are the days when a traveling apothecary would dispense all manner of curious herbal remedies (including cocaine toothache drops and heroin painkillers) to the eagerly waiting locals. Tinctures are solutions of alcohol extracts of plant or animal matter, whereby alcohol is used as the solvent. A tincture of cannabis is also known as ‘green dragon’. Effectively, a cannabis tincture is made by simply soaking the dried, decarboxylated cannabis in alcohol for a set period of time, before straining out the solution, ready for consumption. But what is the point of cannabis tinctures? Are cannabis tinctures the new hip way to get heavily medicated?

How do I make a cannabis tincture?

Making a cannabis tincture is much easier than it sounds. The only materials required are as follows; cannabis bud; high-proof ethanol (Everclear is recommended); a mason jar (other jars with lids will also work), and for precise dosing; a glass dropper bottle. With these materials, making a basic cannabis tincture is simple. Just place the cannabis into the jar, followed by the ethanol, and seal off the top. Then, place the jar in a warm location (preferably out of direct sunlight). Leave the mixture for 1-7 days; the longer you leave it, the more potent the tincture will be. There are many different variations to this method, and it is worth experimenting to find the technique that works best for you (and also because who doesn’t want to pretend to be Heisenberg).

How do I take a cannabis tincture?

The easiest way to find the correct dose for you is by using a standard dropper bottle. Start with 1 drop, wait for the effects to wear off, then try 2 drops, and so on until you feel the effects of the cannabis are sufficient to alleviate your troubles and relax your mind. The usual method of taking a cannabis concentrate is ‘sublingually’ - meaning under the tongue. The THC and other cannabinoids will be absorbed and pass into the bloodstream rapidly. Keep the tincture there for a few seconds before swallowing, although if your dose is only 1-2 drops then it will most likely just get mixed with your saliva. The amount of alcohol is negligible and should have little to no effect.

How quickly will a cannabis tincture make me high?

The most efficient way to take a cannabis tincture is under the tongue. If the treatment is taken in this way, the tincture should take effect 15-45 minutes after consumption. This time frame depends on many different factors and will differ for individuals. The amount of time

What are the main benefits of cannabis tinctures?

Switching from smoking cannabis to using tinctures is an excellent way to improve your health. Smoking has serious implications with regards to overall wellbeing and is known to cause 9/10 cases of lung cancer. One other main benefit of cannabis is the rapid onset (when compared to edibles). Non-smokers who normally consume edibles to get their medication should consider trying tinctures as an easy to prepare alternative.

One handy feature and another benefit of cannabis tinctures is the fact that, when stored correctly in a standard dropper bottle, the tincture will not smell. The pesky giveaway odor of cannabis is not something that is always desirable, especially in a professional setting. Being able to discretely carry your medication around with you at all times is yet another benefit of cannabis tinctures.

Can I customize my cannabis tinctures?

Yes! It is simple to customize cannabis tinctures during the preparation process. Using other types of alcohol can also be used, although the strength of the tincture will be affected. Using brandy or vodka to brew up your marijuana tinctures will certainly lead to a more interesting taste when medicating.


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